Our Team

Geoffrey H. Atzbach

Geoffrey Atzbach attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1994.  He attended Brigham Young University Law School from 1994-1997.   He has been a licensed attorney in Colorado since 1997.   Mr. Atzbach worked for another law firm in Colorado Springs from 1997 to 2004.  In December of 2004 Geoffrey Atzbach opened his own private practice.

Mr. Atzbach’s practice focuses exclusively on bankruptcy.  He has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases in the 25 years he has been practicing law.


Andrea Atzbach, Office manager



I am committed to your success

When you make an appointment you will meet with me, not with a paralegal or secretary.  I will be there to guide you through each step of your bankruptcy.   I will take the time necessary to meet with you and answer your questions.  I want you to feel comfortable and to understand the process of bankruptcy and how it will affect you.  If you have a question you can call and speak with me directly.   I take great care to personally manage all my cases and resolve any issues that may arise.

I have helped literally thousands of individuals and couples file bankruptcy in Colorado Springs.  As an indication of how my clients feel about the services I provide, 70% of my new clients are referrals from prior clients, which is the best compliment an attorney can receive.

Unlike many law firms that merely dabble in bankruptcy law, bankruptcy is all I do. Because my practice focuses exclusively on bankruptcy I have gained vast experience in the area of bankruptcy law.   Not only do I know the law,  I also know how the law is applied to real people and real situations.  I can help you understand both the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy in your particular situation.

I believe strongly in the benefits of bankruptcy to shield those who need protection for themselves and their family. However, bankruptcy is not for everyone, and if bankruptcy is not your best option I will tell you so.  I want you to achieve the best outcome for your situation, whether that means filing bankruptcy or not.